Sample Papers

(Code: 0001) How Much Does Religion Influence Culture

Answer:  1 page / 275 words (Double spacing)
Religion is an essential element of human conditions and a sense of community. It constitutes a range of cultural and institutional components that influence entrepreneurial activities. However, for decades, it has been beset with relentless attacks from within and outside societal boundaries, which are majorly based on finance, communication, technology, and denial of resources. Besides these organized hostilities, a crucial target is elevated, grounded on the spirituality of man, a person’s essentially spiritual nature, self-respect, and peace of mind. They revolve around traditional human aspirations…

(Code: 0002) Perfectly Competitive and Monopoly Market Structures

Question: 2 pages / 550 words (Double spacing)


A perfectly competitive market structure has key features. There are many buyers and sellers so neither side of the market has market power. The product provided to the market is identical across suppliers. There are no barriers to entry. A monopoly is a firm that is the only seller of a good or service that does not have a close substitute. Monopolies have very strong barriers to entry. Give examples for perfectly competitive and monopoly market structures. Describe how a firm that would meet the conditions of a perfectly competitive and monopoly market structures. Compare the efficiency and profit maximization conditions for perfectly competitive and monopoly market structures. How do these differences contribute to deadweight loss in a monopoly market? Can you think of reasons why a monopoly might decide on their own to increase production and lower prices to earn an acceptable profit rather than maximize profits?


Perfectly Competitive and Monopoly Market Structures

A monopoly market is a structured market in a way that a single seller handles unique goods and services that are different from other sellers. One thing that makes that seller have monopoly markets is that he or she may possess some information not available to other sellers (Durand & Milberg, 2020). On the other hand, a perfectly competitive market is where goods and services are the same across all the sellers. The cost of production and the price is almost the same; hence, the seller makes a limited…

(Code: 0003) Characteristics of the Emerging Hotel Brands “Affordable Luxury”

Question: 1 page / 275 words (Double spacing)


Describe the characteristics of the emerging hotel brand “Affordable Luxury".     What do you think of the emerging trend in brands like Moxy, Tru, Pod, Yotel?     How will this trend impact the existing hotel industry?     Who are the stakeholders?     What are the various points of view of each stakeholder? Would you stay at one of these hotels?     If these brands are successful will the hotel operators keep the price “affordable"?     link below to see a picture presentation of Hilton's new brand “Tru"  link below to see a video of Marriott's new brand “Moxy"


Characteristics of the Emerging Hotel Brands “Affordable Luxury”
Many hotels offer goods and services at considerably high but affordable prices to attract more customers. As such, emerging hotel brands “Affordable Luxury” are designed with luxurious bathrooms with well-equipped tubs, sinks, prestige toiletry, and Toto toilets to capture the attention and consciousness of today’s guests who are so selective and full of spectacular restroom preferences. Consequently, they have standard sumptuous rooms with adequate air, storage services, desks, and reading chairs. Besides, these hotels have excellent services…

(Code: 0004) Partnerships between Private and Social Sector

Question: 4 pages / 1100 words (Double spacing)


  • Relate topics to multiple articles         
  • Relate the topic to the NGO sector          
  • Present new insights to the topic         
  • Why is this topic relevant to the NGO contexts?          
  • How does it add to the understanding of NGO practice          
  • Strong match between topic and literature       
  • Strong theoretical and practical framework      
  • A sophisticated interpretation of the analysis   
  • Discussion of consequences innovative and creative        
  • High degree of detail to its implementation for practice and research      
  • Immediately useful for the NGO community and researchers      
  • Written with style and strong arguments


Partnerships Between Private and Social Sector

Several other private organizations and companies have demonstrated to complement the public sector positions very effectively over the years. Non-governmental organizations and community organizations have shown, in many cases, their ability to reach the underprivileged and the marginalized through a variety of services, from empowerment to healthcare and education operations. Even private companies have credibility for delivering high-quality services that meet market education and health necessities. In some instances, they have worked with government agencies to provide efficient….

(Code: 0005) Art Song Sketch

Question: 1 page / 275 words (Double spacing)

Review the section in the text on Art Song and listen/watch the lecture on this genre. Find a poem and provide a “sketch" for an Art Song as discussed in class. Minimally, explain your choice of form (strophic, modified strophic or through-composed), tempo, meter, and use of the piano to help depict text. You do not need to fully compose the Art Song. The piece should be in the style of the Art Song from the Romantic period. Submit a written explanation of your sketch and make sure to include the poem/author.

Textbook is also here:


The formal structure of an art song is represented by the musical language and the composer’s interpretation of the context. Several pieces written by Franz Schubert are examples of such songs. This excerpt provides an explained sketch for a song composed by Franz Schubert’s that is known as Gretchen am Spinnrade (Gretchen at the spinning wheel). 

In this poem, the verses of the poem are sung relatively to the same music, making the piece an isotropic form of a song. Textual art songs in Germany were referred to as lieder, and these texts usually developed from poems. The objective of this piece by Franz was to translate the meaning and mood of a poem to music and to display the wheel spinning motion as a reflection on the composer’s whirling thoughts. Furthermore, the section that Gretchen loses her sense of stability due to absence of rhythmic treadle, increases tension with a fast tempo. From the opening tone and as six note cycles are repeated while…

(Code: 0006) Discussion on the Research of Motivation between Chinese and USA Soccer Fans

Discussion on the Research of Motivation between Chinese and USA Soccer Fans

(8 pages / 2200 words (Double spacing))

Discussion of the Study

This study applies intercultural research to explore the spectator's motive of the Chinese Super League. As proposed by the research question and the hypothesis, it examines the CSL fandom, team identification, sports consumption, and the motivation of Chinese soccer. It gives a comparison of how the Chinese and the USA soccer fans are motivated to participate in sports. The study also scrutinizes the fans' sports consumption fandom level via social media such as Facebook, their motivation, and team identification within the diverse environments (Vale & Fernandes, 2017). The first research question of this study examines the difference in the soccer league's fandom of the two nations. As noted in the results obtained, there is a difference between the fans of the two countries. There is no deduced relationship between the fans' age and the motivation levels (r=-.08, p=.40) as compared to the fandom in the USA, implying that as the fans turn older, they become less interested in the soccer league. The correlation between the fans' motivation and education level and gender revealed no significant correlation ((r=.14, p=.17)/ (r= .09, p=.40) in the variables in question. There is a positive correlation between both variables of education and gender in relationship with fans' motivation. The examination of the correlation between the fan’s motivation rating (dependent variable) and the motivation factors reveals a high correlation coefficient (F=.89), and no significant…

(Code: 0007) Machine Learning and Its Importance

Answer: (2 pages / 550 words (Double spacing))

Machine learning is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that helps devices learn and develop experience spontaneously without being directly configured. Machine learning involves designing applications that can view and use data by itself. It begins with insights or data such as instances, direct interactions, or lectures. The primary purpose is to encourage computers to learn and modify acts without human assistance or interference automatically. This essay describes machine learning and its significance.

Machinery learning is the AI field that indirectly uses multiple computational techniques to learn from data (Sullivan, 2019, p. 2). Unlike standard computer software with explicit scripting of all algorithm logic, machine learning algorithms…

(Code: 0008) Why Animals Hibernate

Answer: (2 pages / 550 words (Double spacing))

It can be difficult for certain species to find adequate food in the winter when there is no primary food source, such as insects or green plants. Some animals hibernate to solve this problem. Hibernation is a deep sleep that preserves energy and survives without feeding much in winter. The animal's body temperature decreases during the winter, and its heartbeat and breath steadily inhibit energy intake. Hibernating animals are ready to sleep in winter with additional fat to store it as fat and use it as energy as they sleep. Two kinds of fat are found – white fat and brown fat daily. The brown fat forms spots in the liver, heart, and lungs of the animal. It passes a fast explosion of energy when the time comes to wake up to warm the organ. The excerpt will explain the meaning of hibernation and give reasons why animals…

(Code: 0009) Waste Management Planning

Instructions: (5 pages / 1375 words (Double spacing))

Topics in Planning: Waste Management Planning
Assignment 1: Review of HRM Waste Management Planning, 5 pages
Review the following report on the course Brightspace page:
• HRM Committee of the Whole. 2014. “Integrated Solid-Waste Resource Management
Strategy Review – Final Report” (which is referenced in section 8.7 of the Halifax
Regional Municipal Planning Strategy)
Answer the following questions, (number your responses):
1 – Describe the main components of the 1995 Halifax Integrated Waste/Resource
Management Strategy (IWRMS) (2 pages)
2 – What was the role of community engagement/consultation in the waste planning
3 – Review the costs for the overall waste system, Table 2, page 17: $3⁄4 billion costs
planned over 10 years. Originally the Otter Lake landfill was to be in operation for 25
years, closing in 2021. $100,000,000 was budgeted to conduct an Environmental
Assessment, plan, engineer and build a new sanitary landfill in another location for 2021.
Now the HRM wants to keep it open for decades longer due to high diversion rates and
the purchase of land adjacent to the site to expand into. Answer this question: Is this fair
to the local community of Beechville, near Otter Lake? (an historically Black community
which is now about 7% African Nova Scotian); is this good economic planning or
environmental racism? (both positions can achieve full marks based on the logic of your
4 – How successful has the initial 1995 IWRMS been based on this 2014 review? What are
the challenges?
Masters students answer this question in 2 pages maximum:
5 (2 pages) – In 1995 the HRM Community Stakeholder Committee recommended a goal
of 88% diversion by the year 2000 and an ultimate goal of “zero waste”. Suggest why
these goals were not achieved by referring to the Virginia MacLaren, PhD, MCIP chapter in
the 2010 Mitchell book on Brightspace plus at least one other credible reference.
Indicate if you are an undergrad or grad student beside your name
Referencing – use APA style:


Waste management entails methods and processes of dealing with waste at every stage, from generation, assembling to its disposal. Waste management deals with multispectral forms of garbage, including biological, household, and industrial wastes. Daily human activities produce waste. Its purpose is to provide hygienic, efficient, and economical solid waste storage, collection, transportation, treatment, or waste disposal without polluting the atmosphere. Waste needs to be managed to lower the adversities it has on human health and their immediate environment. Garbage can be solid, liquid, or gas, and each type has different disposal and management methods. Improper waste containment can create environmental problems and even economic concerns. Environmental problems caused by inappropriate waste management can significantly affect the immediate and adjacent residents. Wastes can cause respiratory diseases, skin problems, infections of the blood, and even reproductive issues. The current paper seeks to describe the major components of the 1995 Halifax Integrated Waste Management Strategy…

(Code: 0010) Benefits of an Enterprise Architecture Tool

Question: 1 page / 275 words (Double spacing)

Nofsinger Consulting has recommended that Sifers-Grayson invest in an Enterprise Architecture tool to help it document the assets, processes, and network infrastructure that comprise its information enterprise. Based upon past experience with such recommendations, the Nofsinger team knows that it must be prepared for debate amongst the client's managers and executives as to the relative merits of such tools. To help your team prepare for the expected debate, you have been asked to write a 3 to 5 paragraph response to the question “Why does Sifers-Grayson need an Enterprise Architecture tool?" You should focus on the benefits of having a tool that can help guide the creation of an enterprise architecture. Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.


An Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool is used to link the business system with the information technology system. According to Edhah and Zakar (2016), businesses with developed information systems (IS) perform better than those with underdeveloped IS. However, IS/IT plan implementation requires financial support and maximum corroboration among organization stakeholders. This paper emphasizes on the paybacks of an enterprise architecture tool.

Firstly, an EA tool is essential in strategy formulation because IT placement and strategy formulation cannot be separated. EA enhances accurate calculation of business returns and measures performance at that particular time…

(Code: 0011) Annotated Bibliography on Environmental Issues

Question: 2 pages / 550 words (Double spacing)

Week 6: Annotated Bibliography

PURPOSE: For this assignment, you will compile six authoritative sources into an annotated
bibliography. (Guide to Annotated Bibliography—use only the APA examples:
iographies.pdf )

This is a small-scale version of an annotated bibliography to familiarize you with presenting
research; annotated bibliographies vary drastically in length. In it, you will practice evaluating
and citing credible academic sources in APA format.
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate information literacy by organizing your
sources and informing your reader of the quality and relevance of these sources. These sources
will form the foundation of your argument. If you cannot provide evidence to the reader that
they are authoritative, your audience will not be persuaded that your argument is correct.
This assignment is worth 200 points and is due by Sunday at midnight. Please refer to the rubric
for detailed scoring criteria.
 Think about aspects of your research question that still remain unanswered for you and
search for sources to fill those gaps.
 Be selective in your choice of sources. Do not just throw any books, articles, and other
publications that are easy to locate into your annotated bibliography. You want your
annotated bibliography to be a representative sample of publications that address the
different aspects of your research question.
STEPS: The steps for this assignment are as follows:
1. Write your research question at the top of the document.
2. Select six authoritative sources.

 Three of the six sources you include must be journal articles (they can be review
and/or research articles obtained through a library database or through an Open
Access platform). Other sources can be from reputable websites, books, and
other legitimate sources appropriate for academic research.

 You may include up to four sources used in previous assignments this term, if
they are still authoritative and relevant in terms of the development of your
 It is highly recommended that you review sources you have selected for previous
assignments and scan the references, works cited, and/or footnotes, if provided,
to see whether they are still appropriate, and what other sources may be useful
to track down. Note specific works and authors mentioned repeatedly since
these may be seminal works or important experts to know about for your
 DO NOT include encyclopedia or dictionary sources of any kind for this
assignment. You would not use these in a formal, academic research essay.
 If you decide to include a webpage as one of your sources, be sure that you have
thoroughly evaluated it to ensure that it is a legitimate source of information.
For example, a report published by a government or non-profit agency would be
considered an appropriate and credible source. (Center for Disease Control and
Prevention, The Congressional Budget Office, the Mayo Clinic). Should you have
any questions about locating your sources, contact either your instructor or the
Brandman librarians at Leatherby Library.

3. Write correctly formatted APA citations for each source.
4. Beneath the citation for each source, you must provide a four-five sentence annotation that
address the following components:
o A summary of the source (one sentence—this is not the focus of the annotation)
o Your overall assessment or evaluation of the source (for this, use the CRAPP criteria)
o How this source specifically addresses your research question (include any ideas it
gives you for further research)


1.      1. Overpopulation

Ayaz, M. A., Sotnik, S., & Lyashenko, V. (2018). Overpopulation and consequences of environmental pollution from plastics wastes. Proceedings of DIALOGO-CONF 2018 ORI.

 The authors of the journal have tremendous success in the informative articles explaining the effects of overpopulation on the environment. The article describes how environmental degradation is affected by overpopulation due to the depletion of natural resources. Ayaz et al. (2018) proved to be one of the highly reliable resource personnel in research on overpopulation.

2.      2. Deforestation

Rucktäschel, K. (2016). IV. Impacts and consequences of Indonesian deforestation – Indonesia’s environmental responsibility. Environmental Security and Deforestation in Indonesia, 197-234.

The author is knowledgeable in the field of deforestation and in carrying out research. He tried to find out how deforestation has affected…

(Code: 0012) Hotel La Playa Carmel

Answer: 1 page / 275 words (Double spacing)

The hotel is one of the prestigious California Family Resorts. It comprises 75 rooms with historic luxury and has been recently renovated to preserve the modern charm for centuries. The resort stands two blocks from Carmel beach and nearby shops. Consequently, it possesses a unique gallery of art and decorations, eye-catching restaurants, and captures the scenery of the heart of the Carmel town and the residential neighborhoods. The surrounding is decorated with meticulously inclined gardens, reclusive courtyards, cozy patios, and serene terraced swimming pools.

It offers various room types, namely ocean view, garden patio, suites, classic rooms, accessible accommodations (for guests with disabilities), non-smoking, and family rooms. The hotel has different packages for these room types. Generally, the F&B package covers night food and beverages at a credit of $25, and if the guests book for four nights or more, they are accorded a discount fee of 50%, inclusive…

(Code: 0013) Freedom of speech

Question: 2 pages / 550 words (Double spacing)

Discussion Questions – Week 7
COMM 4393: Freedom of Speech
Directions: After reading and reviewing all materials for this week, please respond to the
following questions. You need not write in essay style, but you should write in full, coherent
sentences. While there is no formal word limit, strong responses answer the question correctly
while providing evidence from the readings and relevant videos. Please note that credit for this
assignment also requires attendance for this week’s Discussion Session.
1. What did Justice Harlan mean when he declared in Cohen v. California: “Surely the
debate has no right to cleanse public debate to the point where it is grammatically
palatable to the most squeamish among us… While the particular four-letter word being
litigated here is perhaps more distasteful than most others of its genre, it is nevertheless
often true that one man’s vulgarity is another man’s lyric. Indeed, we think it is largely
because governmental officials cannot make principled distinctions in this area that the
Constitution leaves matters of taste and style so largely to the individual.” More
specifically, what are the implications of this ruling for fighting words and hate speech?
Are any limits to those words possible under this ruling? Be prepared to explain your
2. Read the following pamphlet by the ACLU titled, “Why the American Civil Liberties
Union Defends Free Speech for Racists and Totalitarians” (see it here). Do you agree
with their argument? If so, why? If not, why not? Beyond the ACLU’s argument, what is
the best way for society at large to address the problem of insulting and hateful speech,
including epithets and verbal harassment based on race, religion, gender, or sexual
orientation? After reviewing the options mentioned in the textbook and the Delgado
reading, do we need additional legal measures to combat this kind of discourse, or do
we already have sufficient remedies?
3. UNC Wilmington professor Mike Adams was criticized by students on his campus in
2016 after he took to social media to attack student activists and the issues they were
lobbying. Adams once tweeted that “Gay couples do not deserve equal benefits because
they do not equally benefit society.” He later tweeted, “When someone kills a cop you
know his last words were probably either ‘Allahu Akbar’ or ‘Black Lives Matter.’” He also
posted to Facebook after seeing a Muslim student at an abortion rights protest, “The
only thing more disgusting than a jihadist Muslim is a pro-choice Muslim.” Did Adams
cross the line? Were his comments “fighting words” or “abusive language”? If not, why
not? If so, what kind of punishment would be suitable for these kinds of actions?
4. USC professor Greg Patton was recently suspended from his job after delivering a Zoom
lecture in which he demonstrated a vocalized pause in Mandarin that sounded a lot like
a very racist word historically directed at black people (read more here). A group of MBA
students in the class complained and petitioned for his removal, explaining that the
derogatory term was “hurtful and unacceptable.” The students complained that they
asked Patton to stop demonstrating the phrase, but he did it in other classes, too
(though Patton says he didn’t see their complaints until the end of the day). Was USC
right to remove Patton from his class to address the students’ complaints? Or was this

an infringement on his free speech? In other words, how do we define abusive speech,
and how would that definition apply to this case?


1.      What did Justice Harlan mean when he declared in Cohen v. California: “Surely the debate has no right to cleanse public debate to the point where it is grammatically palatable to the most squeamish among us… While the particular four-letter word being litigated here is perhaps more distasteful than most others of its genre, it is nevertheless often true that one man’s vulgarity is another man’s lyric. Indeed, we think it is largely because governmental officials cannot make principled distinctions in this area that the Constitution leaves matters of taste and style so largely to the individual.”

The freedom of expression is intended and designed to remove government restrains from public discussion. Therefore, this right puts the decision as to which views should be voiced into the hands of the people. The judge meant that the government has no power to imprison an individual who willfully and maliciously disturbs quiet or peace by the offensive conduct.

More specifically, what are the implications of this ruling for fighting words and hate speech?

This ruling implies that most people are likely to violate the right to freedom of expression, thus offending the others.

Are any limits to those words possible under this ruling?  

As far as this ruling is concerned, there is no limit to using these words in the public arena.

Freedom of speech should be guaranteed at all times, regardless of one's ideas.

2.      Read the following pamphlet by the ACLU titled, “Why the American Civil Liberties Union Defends Free Speech for Racists and Totalitarians” (see it here). Do you agree with their argument? If so,why? If not, why not?

The ACLU arguments are right because if the government is allowed to punish those who air their views, nobody will be free…

(Code: 0014) The School as a Community of Care

Question: 1 page / 275 words (Double spacing)

Scenario 1: Anthony Six-year-old Anthony is the youngest of six children all living in a one-bedroom apartment. His mother works two full-time jobs and is often gone 13 or more hours a day. His father left when he was one. On the few occasions he gets to see his mother, she is either drunk or high on whatever drugs she can purchase on the streets. Anthony is often left on his own and rarely has any type of meal in the evenings. He has been caught on several occasions taking food from his classmates’ lunches in the coatroom, running into the restroom, and eating the food so quickly and violently that he often chokes himself. He also has taken food off other students’ plates in the lunchroom. His clothes are usually filthy, and he has an overpowering odor that prevents his classmates from wanting to sit near him. In the classroom, Anthony often sits in a circle with the other children around his first-grade teacher, trying to read a page from a children's book. Within seconds, he has lost interest and begins bothering other students by stretching out and hitting and kicking them. Scenario 2: Denise Denise, an eighth-grade student aged 14, was diagnosed with a learning disability in the area of reading when she was in the second grade. She has struggled in school academically and socially. As a young child, she was molested by a friend of her father over the course of two years. Her parents divorced after she told them about this. Denise has been having romantic thoughts about other girls and recently told her parents that she is a lesbian. Her father was accepting of the news, but her mother has rejected Denise based on her religious faith. Denise’s mother is pushing Denise to attend church to “fix” her thoughts and feelings. Denise has begun to do self-harm through cutting. She has attempted suicide twice. While at school, Denise tends to withdraw and refuses to participate in class. She currently is not passing any of her classes and is in danger of retention. Denise struggles with relationships with other students and staff at school. She has tried to seek out relationships with other female students only to be rejected. She misinterprets any compassion or concern from female adults, leading Denise to believe she has romantic feelings for the adult. A.  Identify your chosen scenario, and describe two issues the student in that scenario is encountering. B.  Discuss how you would appropriately respond to the issues identified in part A by doing the following: 1.  Describe how, as a teacher, you could respond to and address the issues in a sensitive, culturally responsive way. 2.  Explain the one relevant legal obligation and one relevant privacy concern that must be considered as you respond to the identified issues. 3.  Describe relevant strategies for collaborating with the student’s caregivers to address the identified issues. a.  Justify your chosen strategies and why they would be effective. 4.  Identify additional stakeholders, and explain why they should be involved in addressing the identified issues. C.  Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. D.  Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.


Although the academic environment is structured to teach, learning depends on a child who has necessities met in class. The necessary conditions for proper growth were rejected and infringed among youngsters who were psychologically neglected. A child's development optimizes a need to satisfy biological needs and security, affiliation, support, and respect. The teacher could provide an environment in which the child can start success and acknowledge that they are responsible and appreciated. The parent from the first situation ignores Antony. The teacher must modify his attitude toward Antony to solve the issue. The teacher's acceptance and caring behavior allow him to have sufficient confidence to take the first healthy life stages. To provide support, the teacher should be accessible first. If he starts telling us what happens, he is allowed to pursue inappropriate body language. The teacher also needs to look for answers. Antony may have to be emotionally consoled or not to be affected. At this point, listening aggressively is more vital than commenting or asking questions. It is essential to pay attention to those who speak. The teacher must be attentive in these…

(Code: 0015) Public Administration

Question: 4 pages / 1100 words (Double spacing)


1.    Woodrow Wilson early in his career made some observations about Public Administration at the turn of the century.  The significance of his essay was: 2.    Public Administration is different in many ways from the profit making companies.  What are  the differences?   3.    What was the significance of Bethlehem Steel and Public Administration?   4.    In 2001, the United States experienced a terrible attack upon our country and we observed the police and fire services provide heroic services.   This was similar to the actions of the Spartans who demonstrated obedience while their country was being attacked.   What application does this have to Public Administration is as discussed in class?  5.    When assessing Public Administration, the student should look through a lens in four different ways.   The first one is the “individual.”  What are the other three observations? A.    _________________________________ B.    _________________________________ C.    _________________________________  6.    We discussed the differences between both Businesses for a profit and Public Administration for services.  Some organizations are both.  We refer to these organizations as _________________________________________________. 7.    Elton Mayo took Public Administration into a different direction.  His study was based on research conducted at the Hawthorne Electrical plant.   What was the significance of his work and how do we apply it to Public Administration?  8.    Organization Charts or a Table of Organization have evolved over the years since the development by Max Weber and others.   Discuss two rules or components that govern organizational charts.     9.    Motivation is critical when working with employees.  What is stressed as a needed component to ensure motivation is on-going?                         _________________________________________________    10.    The largest employer within the United States is?  __________________________________    11.    Who was Luther Gulick and what was his contribution to Public Administration? 12.    Government will often privatize part of their organizations.   What is privatization and why is this done?     13.    Do you view Public Administration as an Art or a Science?    Why?  14.    In the beginning there was chaos.  Then came policy.   What does Policy do for an Organization? 15.    What is the significance of the phrase Transforming government?  16.    Cincinnatus gave us a lesson that states:


Early in his career, Woodrow Wilson made some observations about public administration at the turn of the century. His essay's significance was: an administrative study needs first to discover what the government can do, successfully and adequately. Secondly, the government needs to determine how it can do these things with the utmost efficiency, using the least cost of resources, workforce, and finances. As much as his tenure at the White House ended almost a century ago, Woodrow still anticipated a need for new ideas to address the effects of modern economic and social forces on the United States, including involvement in international affairs. Democracy and administration lay down Woodrow's thoughts and ideas concerning government administration by laying out concepts of managing government bureaucracies and balancing policy…

(Code: 0016) Threaded Discussion: Solutions For Ransomware Attacks

Question: 1 page / 275 words (Double spacing)

Read the following two articles about ransomware attacks in the US:
Fernandez, M, Sanger, D.E. & Martinez, M.T. (August 22, 2019). Ransomware attacks are
testing resolve of cities across America. In The New York Times. Retrieved on August 15, 2020
Popper, N. (February 9, 2020). Ransomware attacks grow, crippling cities and businesses. In
The New York Times. Retrieved on August 15, 2020 at

2. Answer the following question based on the requirements of the threaded discussion
It is no surprise that computer systems are vulnerable in ways unimaginable.
This is especially true for computer systems that are used at municipal agencies
as well as small businesses across this great country.
a. As a victim of a ransomware attack, what argument can you offer to state
government to compel them to make it a priority to spend monies in helping
municipalities and small businesses ensure their systems are well protected,
upgraded and their workers are properly trained/educated on how to recognize


b. As a victim of a ransomware attack, what argument can you offer to the federal
government to compel them to make it a priority to spend monies in helping
municipalities and small businesses ensure their systems are well protected,
upgraded and their workers are properly trained/educated on how to recognize

Please be sure to engage in “civil discourse at all times here which means no use of slang or
modicums, no profanity or name calling.


Ransomware is a mischievous software that cyber criminals used to hold people to ransom. They block you from accessing your data and demand that the victims pay a ransom to regain their data entrance. State governments should prioritize spending money to help cities and small companies ensure their system is well protected, upgraded, and their workers trained to recognize attacks. The state should invest in protecting its people since ransomware attacks have severe consequences with recovery, costing a lot of money paralyzing the economy. Even if the data is recovered and the network is restored, there is a loss of confidence in the system's integrity that handles essential critical services like vote counting, water, emergency, communications, and power. Ransom attacks have tremendous economic impact and revenue loss in terms of recovery costs and loss of production due to…

(Code: 0017) Anxiety among College Students and Alcohol Use


Type: Research Proposal
Service: Writing
Pages: 6 pages / 1650 words (Double spacing)
Level: College
Language: English (US)
Topic: Anxiety among college students and Alcohol use
Subject: Psychology
Sources: 3 sources required
Style: APA 6th edition


Anxiety, heavy alcohol consumption, and alcohol-related problems among college students are a significant public health problem (Watt & Roche, 1999). The increase in alcohol-related problems among college students may be increased by social anxiety (Eggleston, 2006; Lewis et al., 2008). According to research that was carried out in 2014, approximately 65% of college students had indulged in alcohol consumption in the past month (Johnston et al., 2014). College students with underlying issues such as mental illness and depression or anxiety are more likely to develop alcohol use disorders (Grant et al., 2004).  College students are always faced with potential pressure, triggering social situations such as overdue school projects. Drinking to cope with these social anxiety situations is thought to bring about the regular use of alcohol (Sher & Leverson, 1982).

Anxiety among College Students and Alcohol Use

The high occurrence of social anxiety disorder and alcohol use disorders in clinical studies provide insights into drinking among college students (Himle $ Hill, 1991). There is increasing evidence that social anxiety is related to drinking problems among college students. Despite the correlation between social anxiety and alcohol problems among the students, the literature is mixed on whether social anxiety is related to increased drinking frequency. College drinking behaviors vary in different contextual situations. This might be a possible explanation for the mixed findings (O’Hare, 1997). Socially anxious students are more vulnerable to drink in cases where they think drinking will help manage their social anxiety. Research carried out in 2006 shows that social anxiety has been linked to more massive self-reported alcohol use in certain situations, including drinking to cope with unpleasant emotions in response to…

(Code: 0018) Essay on the Great Gatsby

Question: 3 pages / 825 words (Double spacing)

In The Great Gatsby , what does F. Scott Fitzgerald suggest about the state of American Dream, the people who pursue it, and the impact of that pursuit through his depiction of Jay Gatsby and the people in Gatsby's life? Includes the use of specific examples, quotes and supporting details from the novel in your response. Don't merely summarize the story.


In the American society, it is believed that an individual can be successful in wealthy generation regardless of the past as long as such an individual works hard. The American dream views American society that has overcome xenophobia, racism, income inequality, tax evasion, and misogyny. This American belief that any individual can succeed in American society presumes class equality, whereas, in reality, a class hierarchy is well-developed in American society.

According to the novelist, the American dream is all about inclusivity, where all the genders, income levels, and ethnicities are treated equally. The writer is not optimistic about the 1920s capitalist boom; instead, according to him, America was the same as Europe. The elites in society scorned self-made individuals. It is only these elite….

(Code: 0019) English Close Reading: Analysis of English Writing

Type: Thesis / Dissertation
Pages: 1 pages / 275 words (Double spacing)
Level: University
Language: English (US)
Topic: English Close Readin
Subject: English Literature
Sources: 3
Style: MLA


Literary devices are the tools that writers use to communicate emotions, ideas, and themes to make readers' texts more attractive. Alliteration is the repetition in the rapid succession of consonant sounds in the same line. The author uses alliteration in the novel; for example, the sound of /s/ in 'And the hapless Soldiers sigh.' Symbols symbolize ideas and skills using symbols. The author shows the qualities of the characters in a novel using symbolism. 'Soldier's sigh,' for example, symbolizes the condition of frustration. Imaging is used to make readers perceive the five senses of things. Enjambment is a verse thought that does not end in the break of a line but rolls to the next line. The sections elsewhere here convey the grieving of the repressed people in the verses under the upper class. The word “triste" is a metaphor….

(Code: 0020) Technology: Ways of Improving Security Postures

Question: 1 page / 275 words (Double spacing)

You are approaching the end of your time supporting Sifers-Grayson. Your team leader has asked you to prepare a 2 page research and analysis brief (“briefing paper") for the company's executives in which you identify the five most important technologies which the company should adopt in order to improve its security posture. Provide specific details as to why each technology is required (what is the vulnerability or weakness that the technology will address). Then, make a recommendation for how the company should implement that technology. You must provide specific, actionable information. Your recommendations must also be based upon recognized best practices. Include the following steps in your research and analysis as you select and evaluate technologies, products, and services that will help improve the company's security posture: Identify Candidate Technologies Research Products and Services which implement the technologies Identify Vendors Evaluate Products & Services (use existing market research) Cite the sources of information used in your research and analysis (document where you obtained your information from). Use a professional citation format and provide a reference list at the end of your briefing paper.


The security posture in a corporation relates to the total system security, platforms, services, and technologies for operating systems. It also includes regulations and measures to safeguard the company against security breaches, the capacity to manage defensive lines, and the capacity to react to security incidents and restore them (Mishra, 2020). Various ways can be used by the organization to improve security posture. For instance, find and generate a stock of all the Information technology assets for the corporation.

The first step in improving security posture is by frequently conducting a cyber security risk assessment. A cyber security risk assessment can determine the rate of security vulnerabilities in different assets. Users need to assess third-party vendors of the institution. Weakness across the distribution chain may increase the risk of losing…

(Code: 0021) International Business

Question: 5 pages / 1375 words (Double spacing)

The instructions are:
“There is no word limit. I need you to write enough for me to understand that you have
mastered the subject matter. What you consider adequate in this regard is up to your
discretion. It is open book, and you must create and write your own answer, make
citations where you are quoting other’s work. Please write to me in at the same
standard as if you were writing to the President or Board of Directors of your company.
Please make sure that you have addressed at least 10 separate points for each
question asked. Please do not provide me a mere list of points. Your answers need to
be substantiated and arguments supported. Please answer in complete sentences.
Your answers should include, but by no means be limited to, discussion regarding the
following: market factors (ie. identify major supporting industries and resources relevant;
identify primary relevant imports and exports; identify currency, tax, customs, trade and
legal issues; identify past and current market-related events of potential impact to your
decision making. Provide analysis of the above in your answers.
Exam 2: What is the best form of entry into international markets: a joint venture with a
local foreign partner in their country; a distribution with a local foreign company in their
country; an acquisition of a local company already established in the market in their
country compatible with your own goods or services; or establishing a branch office of
your own company there. Please discuss and justify your decision."

The question has five parts:
1.  “What is the best form of entry into international markets" (discuss and justify
your conclusion and argue pros and cons, as well as make sure that you
make a conclusion);
2. “a joint venture with a local foreign partner in their country";
3. " a distribution with a local foreign company in their country;";
4. “an acquisition of a local company already established in the market in their
country compatible with your own goods or services;"
5. “establishing a branch office of your own company there".
You will need to discuss each of the above.  At least 10 different points for each would
be very helpful.  Please provide examples and address the following for each one which
“should include, but by no means be limited to, discussion regarding the following:
market factors (ie. identify major supporting industries and resources relevant; identify
primary relevant imports and exports; identify currency, tax, customs, trade and legal
issues; identify past and current market-related events of potential impact to your
decision making".
This is open book and you have a lot of time to do it, so please justify your answers and
positions as well as discuss each of the above in detail and why you concluded one
over the other is better or not.


  1. The Best Form of Entry into the International Markets

Sharma and Erramilli (2004) define entry into the foreign market as a structural accord that allows a firm to conduct business in a foreign market using its market strategies and resources. Firstly, entry mode is a complex decision that requires diverse aspects (Musso & Francioni, 2012). Secondly, the external factors (host) surroundings and internal factors (within the firm) affect the investor's choices. Parola, Satta, Persico, and Bella (2013) argued that the decision to the mode of entry has many results and is connected to investment's success. The firm achieves a long high performance of the subsidiaries and core objectives. Consequently, changing the first mode of entry would lead to loss of time and resources. Thirdly, international investors’ entry mode affects the competitive structure in the local industry. Foreign investments stand to both benefit and face threats from the local governments and in attracting direct investors. Some researchers have pursued reviews to cover small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) entry mode decisions into foreign markets (Bruneel & De Cock, 2016; Laufs & Schwens, 2014). They have discovered that the entry mode…

(Code: 0022) Indicators that Donald Trump will be Re-elected or Not in November

Question:  6 pages / 1650 words (Double spacing)

Subject: Political Science
Sources: 7 sources required
Style: MLA

use your own word to done this research paper. Nstor – database 5-6 pages 1 page – intro 4-5 – pages body Conclusion – half page 5-7 indicators – the guardian, bbc, possible sources Annotated bibliography – 10 sources or more, 1 paragraph for each as to why I chose source.


Donald Trump was born on 14 Jun 1946 in Jamaican Hospital, Queens Borough, New York City. His dad was the Bronx-born developer of German immigration, Frederick Christ Trump. Mary Anne MacLeod Trump was her mother's Scottish housewife. Trump went to Kew-Forest School from children's school to the seventh-grade in Jamaica residences, royals. He was 13 years old when he enrolled in the New York Military Academy's private boarding school. He enrolled at the University of Fordham in 1964. He moved to Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania two years later and completed his bachelor's degree in economics in May 1968. In 1973 and 1976, Trump's statuses reported incorrectly in the New York Times that he first did graduate in his Wharton class but had never been honored in a school. In 2015, Fordham University and the New York military school…[PROCEED AND PAY TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PAPER]

(Code: 0023) Environmental Problems and Solutions

Question: 5 pages / 1375 words (Double spacing)

Topic: Environmental problems and solutions
Subject: Environmental Issues
Sources: 8 sources required
Style: APA 7th edition
Week 8: Writing a Literature Review For this assignment you will write a 5-7 page literature review, double spaced. This assignment is intended to be an introduction for you on writing literature reviews, something you may be requested to do for future classes (including your senior thesis project) and/or professional projects. You are going to write a small-scale or what is also called a selective literature review. Start this early in the week to give yourself plenty of time to create a well-written and polished literature review. This assignment is worth 250 points and is due Sunday at midnight. To prepare for this assignment, do the following prewriting and planning: Review the 6 sources cited in your annotated bibliography (NOTE: You are welcome to cite more sources, if you wish). Follow this outline for your review: I. Introduction In the introduction you should: A. define or identify the general topic, issue, or area of concern point out overall trends in what has already been published B. establish your point of view for reviewing the literature [Include your research question!] C. indicate the organization of the review II. Body In the body you should: A. group research studies and other relevant literature according to a common theme [for example, you may find prevailing theories and/or practices involved with your research; you can use these as thematic sections for the body of your literature review] B. summarize each item of the literature appropriately according to its significance C. compare and evaluate each item of the literature D. provide topic sentences at the beginning of paragraphs and summary sentences at the end of sections to help the reader understand what the main issues are III. Conclusion In the conclusion you should: A. summarize the literature maintaining the focus presented in the introduction B. evaluate the current"state of the art"[or state of the topic that represents your research question] [by] pointing out gaps in the literature, inconsistencies and issues that are important for future study C. conclude by giving some insight into the relationship between your topic and a larger area of study or area of professional practice The following elements are required for your literature review: A. Your literature review must be 5-7 pages in length, double spaced (not including your references or works cited list), using a 12-point, Times New Roman font B. Include a References list (APA format) at the end of your literature review C. The References list should be on a separate page following the literature review D. Refer to the style guide in the LBSU302 Libguide for how to incorporate in-text or parenthetical citations throughout the body of your literature review and for formatting the citations in your references or works cited list properly. Editing Your Literature Review and Getting Help with the Assignment Once you have completed a draft of your literature review, read it aloud, ask another person you trust to read it for clarity and consistency, and make the necessary edits to polish your draft into a well-written final version.


Many studies have focused on examining the environment's challenges and providing possible measures to combat these environmental problems. However, even after several scholarly papers done by researchers globally, the puzzle still exists on how to mitigate all these environmental problems or the possible solutions used to protect our environment, which has not been defined up to date. Environmental challenges include Pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, oil spillage, resource depletion, global warming, and climate change. Additionally, the effect of overpopulation is linked directly to the Pollution of the environment. When there is an increase in the human population, it also increases the demand for plastic material in the environment, increasing the amount of waste to the environment. The review of these studies aims at outlining environmental problems, the possible solution, and finally, areas where more studies should be conducted to address these environmental…[PROCEED AND PAY TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PAPER]

(Code: 0024) Leadership versus Management Strategic Decision-Making

Question: 3 pages / 825 words (Double spacing)

Topic: Leadership versus Management Strategic DecisionMaking
Subject: Management
Sources: 4 sources required
Style: APA 6th edition


In this Discussion, you will differentiate between leadership and management strategic decisionmaking. You will find there is vast differences between leadership and management strategic decisionmaking, but some of the differences may also be vague or similar in nature. It is up to you to effectively communicate the differences and to explain your position. Conduct research using your textbook and Library resources (Internet resources are unacceptable) as necessary to develop an understanding for the differences between leadership and management. After reviewing the preparation materials, elaborate on the following topics: Develop and defend a thesis statement explaining the difference between Leadership and Management strategic decisionmaking, and whether one can exist without the other. Provide an educated opinion on the impact strategic decisionmaking from a leadership perspective has on the lives of individuals, communities, competition, markets, society, and culture. Provide an educated opinion on the impact strategic decisionmaking from a management perspective has on the lives of individuals, communities, competition, markets, society, and culture. Provide a well-substantiated argument for your position on the difference between Leadership and Management strategic decisionmaking using a minimum of three peer-reviewed research resources. Provide a minimum of two practical examples demonstrating the differences between leadership and management decisionmaking. Demonstrate critical thinking to provide viable reasoning for your perspectives. Use APA style referencing format in your writing. Write in third person to communicate in this Discussion. Use a minimum of 500 words in your primary answer post. Use headings to segment the topics in your writing in order to create a flow of ideas for your reader.



The term leadership refers to a person's skill to inspire, persuade, or drive a group of people to move toward achieving one targeted goal. On the other hand, in setting goals or objectives of a group to be completed, making strategic decisions is fundamentally binding. These strategic decisions are some of the elemental activities of the top management of any organization. Management is the art of ensuring things are well done through other people and willingly (Liphadzi et al., 2017).

Thesis statement

 Leadership and management are the two terms or activities closely related to each other, and they seem to work hand in hand. However, there has been a question of “is there any key difference between Leadership and Management?” The leadership (leaders) and management (managers) coexist because they both have a standard code of ethics in an organization.

The opinion on the impact of strategic leadership decision-making

With leadership skills, strategic decision-making often positively impacts the communities, markets, society, lives of individuals, competition, and culture. This impact is usually felt because people implementing decisions do it themselves and unwillingly. For instance, a leader will be considerate enough when implementing…[PROCEED AND PAY TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PAPER]

(Code: 0025) Report On SWOT Analysis


Report on SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is an essential tool that enables venture capital firms to expand their marketing strategies. As such, it can be used primarily to assess a company's competitiveness in the global economy. A structure can help an organization's internal test to define its fundamental weaknesses and strengths. The management can help with an external environmental analysis, identifying opportunities and threats to ensure its long-term survival. A few inner components (qualities/shortcomings) incorporate initiative aptitudes, scholarly resources, local benefits, and global coverage.

It is essential to understand the strengths to decide which possibilities clients would like to take advantage of it in the long term. The unique exterior features, like the well-known product range, could be strengths. For instance, Mr. Lube's main power is its credibility as the first company concentrating on rapid oil filter. Global presence helps the organization, with its advantages, broaden its customer base, and compensate… [PROCEED AND PAY TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PAPER]

(Code: 0026) Crossing the Rio Bravo

Question: 1 pages / 275 words (Double spacing)


Topic: Minerva cuevas
Subject: Art

2-3 paragraphs here are the links to the videos (her project crossing the rio bravo) ( put subtitles in English) hyperallgeric article


Minera Cuevas is an artist based in Mexico City; she generates projects in response to politically-charged affairs. Through irony and humor, Cuevas's work provokes reflection on politics and the potential impact of local actions on the enforcement of fair labor practices and the redistribution of monetary flow. In this essay, we look at one of her projects, “Crossing of the Rio Bravo." This project took place along the United States – Mexico border. Minera used rocks to create a passageway that allowed her and other residents to cross from the U.S. to Mexico and back. She also uses paint to mark the rocks across the Rio Bravo visibly. Through this project, Minera shows us how politicized the border is. She described the walking from the south to the north as the most political act one would do.  Near that portion of the Rio Bravo, no warning signs or fences separated one country from the other. Minera could spot border patrols… [PROCEED AND PAY TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PAPER]

(Code: 0027) Music Industry

Question: 2 pages / 550 words (Double spacing)

Type: Critical Thinking / Review

Service: Rewriting

Topic: music industry

Subject: Communications and Media

Sources: 3 sources required


Rewrite the essay below. Make it more personal rather than just summarizing the research. Comment on anything and share ideas that are inspired by the articles (link in the end). DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE THE ARTICLES. Feel free to comment on something that you don't agree with, either in terms of content or methods. Briefly review the article's content then tell us what you've gained from it or raise questions about any weaknesses you find. Be sure to give the full citation including: Author(s). “Title of Article." Title of Journal, Volume, Issue, Year, pages. * By “commentary",  I mean more of “you" and less of a review. Just briefly summarize the research ans spend more time with comments. You can use direct quotes but keep them to a minimum. Essay The notion of the music industry is a fallacy. The music industry is a notion that refers to the profit-making subset in different music genres. Media professionals continue describing the music subset that includes record labels and the activities surrounding the record labels as the music industry. The notion that the media industry rotates around the brands represents a portion of the general music industry and cannot be substituted for the industry.  Media professionals should shift their definition of the media industry to include all the various people and processes that crafting the final piece, including the performers, producers, distributors, and music consumers today. The music industry has to undergo redefinition to encompass the appropriation and enjoyment of various music genres. Redefining the music industry in more in-depth terms that involve all the activities involved will allow the development of robust studies of music as a media practice while providing the basis for arranging and proposing new and better alternatives.   The music industry is widely used to define the monetization process of music recordings. For a long time, the music industry has focused on the music economics, with greater attention being given on the benefits accrued from the intellectual property rights, especially copyrights (Hviid, Izquierdo-Sanchez & Jacques, 2018). The industry involves more than copyrights. It consists of the sale and purchase of music recordings, the businesses part of copyrights and patents, and the people's economic welfare directly affiliated to the music industry. The people include the respective musicians, copyright attorneys, producers, music sound technicians, executives of the companies that record the music, and fans. The people involved usually have an impact on the economy of the music business. The idea of defining the music industry by monetization terms is a fallacy. The concept assumes that music is made up of works with an author, and the final product can be subject to protection by copyright companies and international trade agreements. The problem with this type of model is that it fails to specify what counts as originality and counts as plagiarism, especially in a world that frequently imitates rhythm. By defining music production as a commodity, there are limitations because of the other range commodities involved in the media industry, including musical instruments, music hardware, software, and even smartphones.   Labeling music is an industry that goes way beyond the business specter directly involved in the music production process. The music industry's definition should encompass the music hardware companies that contribute to making the music a success. Such hardware companies include the companies that construct the music recording studios. Other companies that should be given attention include the music instruments company, which consists of those involved in making musical instruments, developing, marketing, and selling; since they have significantly grown over the period, music production has faced a steep decline. The music industry extends beyond the confines of live performances. There are consumer electronics companies that are directly involved in music (Sterne, 2014). Video game companies that add different music in video development also contribute to the music industry. All companies are directly or indirectly involved with music to market their products or improve customer experience, including youtube and the customized music systems in high-end cars. Businesses that contribute to music selling to enhance customer experiences, such as internet companies, should also factor when defining the music industry. Therefore, the music industry involves more than just the commercial part of the music and the people directly involved with the music economy. The music industry involves more than the activities directly related to the commercialization of music and the artists' economy. The music industry involves both the companies and musicians involved in music production and the distributors and companies that sell music accessories. Scholars have to include all the stakeholders involved in the media industry, including all the professionals who play a role in singers and musicians' music careers. These professionals include talent managers and copyright and entertainment lawyers, satellite and television companies who air music performances, music journalists who give musicians a platform to market their music. People who criticize different types of music also play a crucial role in making the music industry; hence, they should not be left out when describing the music industry. Music teachers and other music scholars also play a crucial role in the music industry's success and, as such, are part and parcel of the overall music industry. Musicians' unions and not-for-profit music organizations also contribute to making up the music industry (Arora, 2020). In defining the music industry's future, the focus must be given beyond the music production's primary business, since the other sectors related to the music production sometimes flourish even when the production sector is declining. The music industry keeps on expanding to accommodate more than basic music production. Talented software developers and hardware developers continue creating a niche in the music sector. New technologies that include 5G and VR are fuelling new opportunities in the music industry and disrupting traditional business models by enabling virtual concerts and experiences. Music therefore plays a critical role in the everyday lives of contemporary society.     References Arora, P. (2020). Behind the music: How labor changed for musicians through the subscription economy. Retrieved 27 September 2020, from Hviid, M., Izquierdo-Sanchez, S., & Jacques, S. (2018). Digitalisation and Intermediaries in the Music Industry: The Rise of the Entrepreneur?. SCRIPT-Ed, 15(2), 242-276. doi: 10.2966/scrip.150218.242 Sterne, J. (2014). There Is No Music Industry. Media Industries Journal, 1(1). doi: 10.3998/mij.15031809.0001.110

Remember: when rewriting the essay, make sure to include more of your ideas and opinions instead of summarizing the article.


Music is a constant part of everyday life; it plays in the background while driving, watching television, and shopping. Many people fail to understand the music surrounding us, how it was created, how it moves from an idea to the final product, or other people make it possible. This paper seeks to highlight the importance of all key players in the music industry who are not always credited for their input in the music industry.

The music industry has many parties involved, including creation, performance, recording, promotion, and managing a profitable business. Therefore, the idea of describing the subset, including the record labels and the activities surrounding it as the music industry, especially by the media professions, is not satisfactory. It is important to use the term 'music industries' (plural) rather than the 'music industry’ (Sterne, 2014). This is to bring out the implication that this is the distinction that input has several important implications. This will help understand the importance of all music subsets rather than standing by… [PROCEED AND PAY TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PAPER]

(Code: 0028) Health Needs and Promotions

Question: 2 pages / 550 words (Double spacing)

Health Indicators
2 sources required
APA 7th edition


In this class, you will be identifying the health needs of a community which you choose for your PPT assignment due later in the semester.  You will identify the health needs by visiting Healthy and choosing from the list of Health Indicators 2020.  You will be developing your program to fill the needs of your target community.  It is time for you to visit the website ( choose the health promotion or prevention program you will be developing from the health indicators listed. https://yo After viewing the video above on a Community Health Assessment and reading your text, Answer ALL of the questions below: Based on the Needs Assessment of the Carilion Clinic, what did they get to work on immediately? Do you believe this needs assessment truly helped them understand what their community needed? What recommendations would you have for this clinic going forward? How are needs assessment, program planning, and evaluation related? Provide details and examples. Explain how MAPP, APEXPH, and PACE EH are used. Locate and read one article describing a health promotion program and one describing a health education program. Write a summary containing a minimum of 4 sentences describing the differences between them. 5. These two videos provide examples of prevention programs in the community. 5.      After viewing the videos, post the health indicator you have chosen for the program you will be developing from Healthy for your PPT that is due later in the semester. Include in your post your initial thoughts on the type of program you would like to implement. What do you think are the necessary elements in the successful implementation of a community program? In order to receive full credit you must give complete and detailed answers for all questions and cite a minimum of 2 references (only 1 can be textbook).  Follow APA guidelines.


  1. Based on the Carilion Clinic's needs assessment, assets like new primary healthcare services in various regions and the public were instantly initiated. This was accomplished through cooperation with a variety of firms, including the United Way of Roanoke Valley. The New Horizons Dental Clinic, for instance, was developed using data from a society project is located that shows dental treatment is essential. In the video, Nancy agrees, president and Chief executive officer of Carilion Clinic, says that it is vital to “view the entire uniqueness of our area and develop relationships, so that we really do not replicate the exertion, but instead that we are appreciating and reinforcing our endeavors in health improvement" (2015). I assume the process evaluation has made it possible for them to identify what one's communities need and to serve the poor explicitly. I strongly suggest that the clinic proceed to use questionnaires, and the project is located to concentrate on society. It is because there are not order quantity sources of data at the federal and regional levels. Its most Carilion Clinic phrase actually with culture. It is most advantageous. This will be both for local and community organizations.
  2. Assessment of needs, making plans of programs, and analysis are all integrated. As the text says, for example, “a systematic review starts with the assessment of all its requirements. The information obtained during the appraisal of demands may indeed be a portion of the benchmark or preliminary data needed for effect appraisal… [PROCEED AND PAY TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PAPER]

(Code: 0029) Swimming Pool Safety Hazard

Question: 3 slides ppt

Swimming Pool Safety Hazard
Style: MLA

Need 4 page PowerPoint on Pool Safety. Since there's so many topics I'm thinking this should cover Chlorine, diving boards, drowning, kids. Pictures for each page with about 4 bullet points and talking points for the presenter.


Chlorine is used to keep swimming pools free from harmful substances such as bacteria to keep the swimming pool safe for swimming. However, chlorine has some risks as with all chemicals.

  • It is advised to follow all the proper guidelines for storing or using chlorine to avoid any safety problem. The first safety rule to consider while handling chlorine is to use it as directed.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions for safe usage and storage.
  • Some of the safety tips for chlorine requires one not to mix different forms of chlorine, not to touch chlorine using bare hands, and not to consume or ingest chlorine.

(Code: 0030) Social Issue: Suicide

Question: 5 slides ppt

Topic: Suicide
Subject: Sociology
Sources: 3 sources required
Style: APA 7th edition


In this milestone, you will submit Mapping the Issue (Section II of your final project). This milestone is a concept map or PowerPoint that will help you visualize the social issue and how it relates to the following sociological concepts: cultural beliefs and biases, social roles, social inequalities, and existing social conditions. A concept map is a visual diagram that helps you make mental connections between concepts and show the nature of those relationships graphically. In a concept map, lines represent that there is a relationship between different categories. This concept map is a critical piece of your final project, which is due in Module Seven. Support your ideas with scholarly sources. You can list the sources below the concept map. Using the social issue you selected in Milestone One in Module Two, you will further examine the issue using the sociological concepts of cultural beliefs and biases, social roles, social inequalities, and the existing social conditions. These concepts will serve as categories through which you examine the issue, as you will identify how each is related to the larger issue. Using a concept-mapping tool of your choosing, begin to fill out your concept map around your chosen issue. You may use this concept map, or you may use a presentation program to create a concept map using the provided PowerPoint Template. Create your map by starting with your social issue in the center. From there, add the following in your map: A. Identify and explain in the map or PowerPoint at least two examples of the cultural beliefs and biases related to the social issue. Some examples of cultural beliefs and biases include the economic system (such as capitalism), social theory (such as individualism), and religious beliefs. Be sure to label this within your map. B. Identify and explain in the map or PowerPoint at least two examples of the social roles played by the main individuals or groups in the social issue. For example, an individual may be a parent, a teacher, a provider, a criminal, a victim, or a dependent. Be sure to label this within your map. C. Identify and explain in the map or PowerPoint at least two examples of the social inequalities related to this social issue. Some examples of social inequalities include race, social class, and English language ability. Include a label for this element of the concept map. D. Identify in the map or PowerPoint at least two examples of the existing social conditions that the social issue is challenging or impacting. Some examples include the media, crime rates, and unemployment. For instance, you may find that crime and violence are largely related to the war on drugs.


Social Issue: Suicide

  • Suicide is the act of intentionally ending one’s life, mental disorders such as depression, anxiety issues, physical disarray such as chronic fatigue ailment, and the abuse of drugs such as alcohol and heroine may lead to suicide.
  • In most cases suicide is often thought of as a sole problem.
  • The problem of viewing suicide as a sole problem is that we tend to neglect the role social forces play in causing self-harm.

Cultural Beliefs and Biases

  • Unemployment and Social Distress: Recent investigations have identified unemployment as a cultural factor that has led to increased rates of suicide. There is a clear relationship between social distress brought about by unemployment and suicidal behaviour.  
  • Family Structure: Families that have a collective structure of extended families and teenagers tend to have family quarrels which lead to the development of suicidal thoughts if not dealt with correctly