Nutritional Self Analysis

Nutritional Self Analysis

The BMI is calculated using the height and weight after converting into meters and kilograms respectively. The formula used to calculate the BMI is (Weight / (Height x Height). My weight is 130 pounds and my height is 5’2 which is converted for BMI calculation. On conversion, 130 pounds equals 58.97 kg while 5’2inces equal to 1.54 meters.

BMI=58.97/ 1.54×1.54

The BMI equals to 24.9kg/m2 falling under the normal range.

The Hamwi method refers to an approach that aids in calculating the ideal body weight based on gender and height. The Hamwi method allows 106lb for the first 5ft and 6lb for additional inches while 100lb in women for the first 5 feet and 5lbs for the additional inches. My ideal weight calculated using the Hamwi method is (106lbs+6lbsx2inches) =118lbs. The results obtained from the Hamwi method are different from the actual weight of 130lbs. The BMI method gives a close to exact results thus more effective when compared with the Hamwi formula….(In need this answer in full or a new one? Please fill the form below or send a message/order ; Code 004)




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