Games on episode allow you to build a story based on his or her own interest and one gets an opportunity to create characters and storylines based on their preferences.
Why gems?
Gems are the most important tool for the game and can be acquired using episode hack. one can decide to wait for the gems to refill itself after a day and is the best way to get more gems and passes. Another tool is to get gems on episode by just providing your username/ email.
Episode is an interactive and fun game and you won’t want to be left behind by others during the game hence you need to keep the pace and this can be achieved by getting enough gems. You can get free gems on episodes by using either the episode hack provided by the episode game or use the episode cheats. Episode cheat is the easy to use and simple.
episode background
In 2009, a mobile game development company (The Pocket gem) was first launched and it was the rated the best game because of the episode’s contribution.
It has the following features; allowed the gamers to create their stories and had access to view stories by other gamers using episode free gem.
Episode is accessed by downloading it on a smartphone that has either an Android play store or on an Apple play store. The Episode game has so many fans hence its popularity. It has unique attractive features. It also has a free mode feature which allows one to get free episode gems (episode hack)
Playing the game requires on to have enough passes to move to the next episode. Passes can be purchased within the episode or through free gems on episode which are recharged automatically.

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