Case Discussion Question Instructions

Case Discussion Question Instructions


For these assignments, you should view yourself as employed by a family business consulting firm who has been hired to help the family business manage whatever situation/crisis/concern that is presented in the case study. For each case, you will produce a report (explained later in these instructions) with an evaluation and recommendations for moving forward. Your advice should be focused, professional, and address the situation at hand.

Each case includes information outlining a real family business. For each case, you are asked to designate the decisions and/or actions your company (as a family business consulting firm) would suggest that the CEO or person (group) responsible for the family firm make based upon the situation at hand. You must also explain the analysis which you used in making this particular recommendation(s). Some cases will require addressing specific questions (answer these in paragraph/narrative form instead of numbered answers) as listed in the assigned case. The report of your consulting firm should give a brief review of the case and the important individuals and facts involved and then give the CEO advice about how to best address his or her dilemma. (more details below).

Assignment details:

Beginning individual portion: Each student should prepare a 300-word minimum summary and evaluation (report) of what you determine to be the biggest issue/s facing this company/family/CEO and how you feel that issue/s can best be addressed. The report should be organized using the following sections/headers.

  • Summary of the Key Players
  • Analysis of the Situation
  • Recommendations

This first post is due by the deadline in the Course Schedule..

            Peer Responses/Discussion: Each student is then responsible for completing a peer reply to the first post to two different student peers. These replies should further the discussion presented by the posting student. While affirmation of your peers ideas/thoughts, where appropriate, is kind and helpful, this portion of a post will not count toward your grade. These peer responses should focus on further discussing the ideas that were raised by the first poster.

These posts should be a minimum of 50 words.

The peer replies are due by the deadline in the Course Schedule..




Further grading details can be found in the rubrics below.


Points Discussion Posting Grading Rubric To Be Used to Grade Student’s Response to the Discussion Question
45-50 This posting will thoughtfully summarize and evaluate the case assigned, using sound arguments and clear prose. A stellar posting that will contain virtually no grammatical errors or typos. Not only will such a post engage with the ongoing conversation in a rhetorically suitable fashion, it will foster further discussion on the topic, perhaps exploring new lines of argument or different perspectives. This isn’t just a response; it’s proof that you are facilitating learning both for yourself and your fellow students. This posting corresponds to an A. The word count must be a minimum of 300 words.
40-45 This posting is a competent response to the subject: it’s at least 250 to 300 words long, it addresses the question, without going into much detail, and it contributes to the overall conversation as another voice on the subject. This posting amounts to a B.
35-40 This posting responds to the subject. While it may be 200 to 250 words long, more or less, it addresses the question, but does not contribute to the overall conversation as another voice on the subject. This posting simply rehashes the thoughts of others, either the text or peers. It is possible this student read the answers of others to help them formulate their own response. This posting amounts to a C.
30-35 This posting reflects a less-than-adequate engagement with the subject, or is noticeably under the required word count. It does little to advance the discussion underway, and may even detract from it. This posting amounts to a D.
0 No posting, late posting, or a post that is but the briefest nod toward a response


Points per response Discussion Posting Grading Rubric To Be Used to Grade Student’s Response to Peers


Contributes to discussion with clear, concise comments formatted in an easy to read style that is free of grammatical or spelling errors. Demonstrates analysis of others’ posts; extends meaningful discussion by building on previous posts. This post is at least 50 words long. This posting corresponds to an A.
15-20 Contributes valuable information to discussion with minor clarity or mechanics errors. Elaborates on an existing posting with further comment or observation. This posting amounts to a B.
10-15 Communicates in friendly, courteous and helpful manner with some errors in clarity or mechanics. Posts shallow contribution to discussion (e.g., agrees or disagrees); does not enrich discussion. This posting amounts to
>10 No posting or late posting or posts that are long, unorganized or rude content that may contain multiple errors or may be inappropriate. This posting amounts to a D or F.