Is environmental security our biggest global challenge for security?

Writing instructions
Essay Topic: Is environmental security our biggest global challenge for security? Apply a theory to explain your rationale Instructions: You are asked to submit a 3000-words annotated bibliography on the topic of your essay. This assignment is to help you with your research on the topic of your essay and is the first stage for deciding the sources you will be using for writing it. This assignment requires you to a) scope the topic of your essay, b) write a brief summary for each source you are using and critically consider their significance/relevance for your essay. Generally, an annotated bibliography consists of a list of major sources that you will be using for your research (in this case, your essay) with a summary and a critical/evaluation note for each entry. Your annotated bibliography should include academic books, book chapters, journal articles, monographs, reports, etc. you can also use a very limited number of blogs, but they need to be from sources that are academic and peer reviewed. Please ensure that your bibliography includes references on theories we study during the course. Being selective is a part of the process for this assignment. All the resources you collate in this assignment should be used in your essay, therefore, being selective at this stage will benefit you significantly for the next assignment. As stated under assignment three (the essay), most of the topics are designed broadly and need to be fine- tuned with a focus. This is particularly important in the case of your theoretical approach in the essay. For example, there is a large body of literature on the topic of “Realism” for an Annotated Bibliography and you need to narrow down your search to, for instance, ‘Realism and the Nuclear Arms Race in Southeast Asia since 2000’ in order to have a better search result. Think about this annotated bibliography as a starting point for someone who is interested to research your topic. Be mindful of the quality of the sources you choose. You can begin compiling your bibliography at this stage. Read the abstracts of the sources you chose and skim through them to decide whether you would like to include. How to write this annotated bibliography? There are three segments in this assignment. The first of which is an introduction. 1- Introduction: (300-500 words) The introduction for this assignment should present your topic and its relevance to the study of international security. Make sure that the focus of the topic is clear and is narrowed down properly. It benefits you to explain what you are writing about in your future essay as a starting point. Be very selective about the relevance of each source chronologically and thematically. 2- Ten Annotations – each should be between 250-300 words Choose 10 sources and write a summary on each. Your summation report should be more general and different from the abstract of the source you are studying. It should cover more focused details and include couple of sentences to explain how you will be using it in your essay. Be clear, specific and concise when writing your summary. The objective of each summation is to give your audience a clear picture of the source with its limitation. It is important that you have a voice in this assignment and that means having a critical position in your summations. Use a separate page for each annotation. 3- Conclusion (300-500 words) The conclusion for this assignment should reflect how the sources you have studied, has helped you to have 1) a better understanding of the topic of your essay, 2) a more in-depth engagement with the theory, and 3) a better outline for your essay. The conclusion for this assignment should include how you will be approaching your essay now that you have researched and chosen most of your references. It should also include some notes on the scope of your research and whether you have changed your scope as the result of this assignment. Please don’t forget to attach the list of your references in alphabetic order. You can use either APA or Chicago referencing styles as long as you are consistent throughout the document. These are only ten of the resources you will be using for your essay. You need more than ten references for your essay. The other resources you will find in the process of writing this assignment could be included in the reference list. Please do not forget to include page numbers and your name on each page of the assignment. Use the form below for each annotation. Each annotation should take only one page.