Literature Outline: The Power of Business Integrity

Demonstrating integrity is just as important for a business as it is for an individual. Those responsible for developing and executing strategy must have a solid understanding what it is and why it is important to business success. God has provided countless examples of integrity in His word and knowing how to apply those to business will help develop business integrity. Over the past several weeks you have been evaluating and trying several decision models, have you settled on one or a group of them?

Minimum of 600 words in the body

Minimum of 2 sources from the literature in addition to course texts

Current APA format must be used.

Use the following outline:

· Introduction

· The Power of Business Integrity‐ What is it and why is it important in no less than 200 words

· God’s Perspective on Business Integrity (Keller) ‐ What is it and why is it important in no less than 300 words

· Decision Models ‐ no less than 100 words

· My Current Decision Models, what is it and why

· How they have changed, why

· Conclusion

· Support your factual assertions with citations.

Include an Annotated Bibliography, in current APA format, of the 2 additional Sources:
Minimum of 250 words in each annotation

Summary of Key Points

Evaluation of the Quality of the Publication Evaluation of the Quality of the Author(s) Where this fits into the discussion


Gamble, J., Peteraf, M., & Thompson, A. (2021). Essentials of strategic management.  McGraw-

Hill Course Content Delivery (7th ed.), New York, NY.

Keller, T. & Alsdorf, K.L. (2014). Every good endeavor: Connecting your work to God’s work,  Riverhead Books, New York, NY.



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