Games and Apps in Early Childhood Instruction Presentation

Assignment Content

  1. Early social studies learning involves young children gaining an understanding of different communities and cultures, as well as learning the basics of geography. Young children can learn about other cultures via a video game or develop a better sense of place by zooming in or out on an interactive map app. The important consideration in using games and apps in early childhood education is that they be developmentally appropriate for the child using them.
    Research current video games and/or apps appropriate for early childhood settings that have social studies content embedded in them.
    Choose 4 current video games and/or apps from your research.
    Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation about using your selected games and/or apps that includes the following information for each game and/or app:

    • Name and brief description
    • Appropriate age group for use
    • Specific content embedded within
    • Benefits and challenges of use
    • Examples of developmentally appropriate usage in the classroom
    • Safety precautions
    • Provide detailed speaker notes on each slide and an APA-formatted references slide in your presentation.


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