Ethical Theories Review

Online course make it easy to engage in academic dishonesty. Students are removed from more personal connection to their professor and classmates. Jessi is a leadership student at XXXX University and she recognizes this. She was helping a couple of her classmates with their assignments. It didn’t take long before she realized that she can make some money while doing this. Jessi started charging $10 per page. Then the demand for his services increases. He was busy enough that he increased it to $15 per page, then $20 per page. This business of ghost writing was doing so well he boasts to his friends about what he is doing.

1. Consider Kohlberg’s six-stages of moral development.

· What stage do you think William is at and why?

2. Review the Ethical Theories in the text. Also look at Table 13.2 and Figure 3.1. Choose one of the ethical theories and apply it to William’s action.

3. Discuss in your group whether you would use William’s services to help improve your grades.

a. Why would you or wouldn’t you use his services? Present the pressures that would compel you to use his services and arguments for and against it.

a. You can use some help with your assignments, would you use William’s services? Why or why not?

b. Would you recommend his services to someone else even if you won’t use him? Why or why not?

c. What do you think the consequences/penalty for someone should be if they used his services and the professor found out? Penalty/consequences for William?

4. Review the sections on:

· Centrality of Ethics to Leadership.

· Heifetz’s Perspective on Ethical Leadership.

· Burn’s Perspective on Ethical Leadership.

5. How do the following apply? :

· Principles of Ethical Leadership?

· Dark Side of Leadership?

6. How does William’s actions and those who choose to use his services, impact their ability create an environment of trust, stability, hope and compassion for those they will lead? Do you think the fact he charges money changes anything?


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