ONE poem by Anne Bradstreet

Writing instructions
You can choose ONE poem by Anne Bradstreet
The papers are 750 words and double spaced. Give it a Creative Title! I would prefer that you would NOT write about “On Being Brought from Africa to America” since I dissected it in class.
As a reminder, DON’T write a formal introduction, no need to provide biographical information about the other or any research. Jump right in.
You are focusing on a CLOSE READING of the poem and your REACTIONS to the poem. What do you notice about the language? Word choice, images, sensory description (sight, taste, sound, touch, etc), metaphors or similes, personification, alliteration, tone, motifs (look it up!), etc. What message and meanings (plural and be specific—students often say “the poem is about racism or motherhood or love” but be specific…what about racial identity or racial injustice or social custom/attitude is being explored? What are you seeing or taking from the poem?
 If a text is teaching us something, what might that be?
What responses are you having? What do you admire in the text?
What don’t you like?
What annoys you?
Where are you confused?
Of course you have to organize these ideas or other reactions.
You DON’T have to answer all of these or any of these as long as you stay focused on the text. And don’t simply answer one question after the other.
It is an essay not a short answer quiz. While you might make a connection to personal experience, that shouldn’t be the whole paper. While you might make a connection to another text, a song, a movie, an event or issue today, do it quickly and return to the text.
Response Paper #1 (close reading of ONE poem by Bradstreet or Wheatley)
Please email me the paper as a WORD Document (not Google Docs or a PDF) The poem of my choice is “to her father with some verse” by Bradstreet


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