Strategic plan for the organisation

Writing instructions
You are required to:
Either: (a) Develop a new strategic plan for the organisation of your choice;
Or: (b) Critically evaluate an existing strategic plan for the organisation of your choice.
1. Analysis: Internal and External Environments The candidate should analyse the organization’s strategic position with clarity and theoretical rigour. This will involve analyse of both the internal and external environments of the organisation. Theoretical lenses and ideas from the course as a whole should be used.
2. Proposal – strategic choice(s) The candidate should present options for the future strategic direction of the organisation, with a clear justification for the final strategic direction proposed.
3. Implementation and recommendations The candidate should present a clear implementation plan for the future strategic direction of the organisation, preferably in a SMART format
4. Application of theory to the organisation Academic theory should be applied to the strategic issues relating to the organisation. There is no need for a separate literature review on strategy. Rather theory should be applied throughout each of the above sections.please do make sure you always engage with appropriate academic models and theories in order to substantiate your analysis.
5. This is the same tutor that mark order Order #318327 and this assignment comes in 2 parts, the 1st is above and the 2nd part will be a continuation of part 1. Part 2 is to Analyse the likely leadership and change complexities which will need to be taken into account in the implementation of the plan from Part A (Element 010).
6. You are required to submit a draft which could be either a one page Word document with your proposed outline OR you can ask for the tutor to read through a section of the essay, which corresponds to 20% of the total word count, this should be no more than 600 words in total. For the tutors formative feed-forward summary of the standard of the progress made before completion of the assignment.
7. Assessment details, Assignment Examples and Topics for the module are attached
8. Please do be mindful of the differences between an executive summary and an introduction The executive summary should summarize the key points of the overall report; for example, which particular theories/frameworks/approaches were applied to your analysis? What conclusions were reached and what recommendations were proposed? In this section, you need to be quite specific and clear in terms of summarising the outcomes of your report.


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