Dissertation Paper on public policy specialized in sustainable development

Writing instructions
Dear team, I hope you’re doing well. Kindly note that I need you to write my dissertation paper based on this research proposal ( attached – Research Proposal). Also, please note that it needs further amendments – check this attachment (Dr.’s comments) and ( other attachment titled – paragraph) because my major is in Public policy specialized in sustainable development – so I need to link my dissertation to sustainability. In addition, kindly note that this proposal is written by writer #165280 but if you feel that there’s someone more expert in this field please ask him/her to do that. Moreover, I have a question about the methodology focused on this proposal, it’s written primary method/technique but I need you to flip it and focus on secondary method/research instead of primary in this dissertation because I don’t prefer taking any ethical approval and I don’t want to waste time – especially it’s really difficult with the COVID situation nowadays. So for now, I would like you to revisit the proposal and redraft the first chapter of the dissertation (attached the template of the dissertation to be used) to check the components. Then, after getting the supervisor’s approval we can move forward with the whole dissertation- but I have another question can you send me the sections one by one from time to time – so I can show the supervisor the progress and get feedback from him. Let me know. In regards to the attachments, I’m attaching the following: – The proposal ( Research Proposal) – Dr.’s comments – Paragraph – link it to sustainability – Dissertation template (all the components) – Sample dissertation for someone else – The marking criteria – Dissertation Structure and contents Let me know if you have any questions.


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