Group Leadership Self-Assessment Guidelines

Writing instructions

For this assignment, you will write a self-assessment using narrative style and integrating the information you gleaned from the following prompts. The assignment should have sub-headers clearly distinguishing the two components.
APA Style writing is required including a cover sheet and citations and references.
The body of the reflection should not be more than 3-5 pages in length.
Part I: In Weeks 3 and 4, you should take notes on your experiences working with your group cohort on your Group Proposal Project.
Use these prompts as a guide to capture the needed information to complete your self-reflection at the end of the course. Be sure to add to your notes weekly so that you are able to reflect on the arc of your experience in Week 11.
Each week you will integrate the Johari window assignment and the School of Counseling Key Professional Dispositions towards self-reflecting on your areas of strength and potential areas for needed growth as well. Be sure to reflect on the following questions weekly. Then, by Week 11 you will provide a reflective summary of your small group process self-reflective journey.
• How would you describe your role in the group in Week 3? Week 4? For example, did you assume the leadership role? Did you sit back and wait to see who spoke up? Did you find yourself irritated with the members or the progress of the group? Did you feel adequate as a group member and how do you know your self-assessment is accurate?
• How did you end up in the role you assumed? Is this a familiar role for you? Does this resemble a role you played in your family?
• How would you describe the group member dynamics? Did some members do more of the work? Less of the work? How did you respond to those members?
• Did the group face a conflict or problem? What was your part in exacerbating or resolving the concern? Did you become the problem-solver? The silent member? The peacekeeper? Given this experience, how might you handle conflict in the future? Review the Counselor Key Professional Dispositions and consider in review of these questions.
• Reflect on the Johari window assignment and the Counselor Dispositions. What are you learning about yourself as a group member? Identify areas where you found strengths and areas for growth.
• How might this information and enhanced self-awareness using the Johari window and dispositions inform you as a group leader? How might you use this experience to have a deepened self-compassion as well as compassion for colleagues and members of a group? Part II: In Weeks 6, 7, and 8 you assume the role of a group leader who responds to several group scenarios using Theravue. Use the following prompts to stimulate a reflection of your experience practicing counselor group leadership skills.
• Consider the skills self-assessment you completed in Week 1. Review your initial self-assessment of group leadership skills.
• Repeat the self-assessment (Corey, Corey, & Corey, Chapter 1, p. 45) after you have completed the Theravue group leadership training modules.
• Compare and contrast any changes in your group leadership skill set and/or your current understanding of group leadership skills.
• How has your conceptualization of group counseling leadership changed?
• How would you describe your experience using Theravue as a learning tool for group leadership skills?
• How will you continue to practice your group leadership skills as you move toward your Field Experience?


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