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Please use Textbook: Introduction to information Systems, Eighth Edition, By: R. Kelly Rainer & Brad Prince Please include a title page. Please review attached Rubric & write in APA 7 You can access the Text book thru: Vital Source App for I-Phones it is listed as Bookshelf, User name/ Email is: , Password: Or you can go to Vitalsource.com use same User name/ Email is: , Password: Helpful Reading chapters: • Chapter 5: “Data and Knowledge Management” • Chapter 12: “Business Analytics” • This competency assessment assesses the following Outcome(s): • MT300M2-2: Analyze the importance of data management, knowledge management, and business analytics to business organizations. • GEL-2.01: Communicate the impact of mathematical results in a discipline specific situation. • Using Information for Decision Making • In business, people are constantly making decisions. Show that you understand the decision-making process and the applications, technologies, and processes for gathering, storing, accessing, and analyzing data to help business users make better decisions. • In this assessment, you will discuss the importance of using historical data from a database, data warehouse, or data mart for making decisions for an organization. You will show the data analytics and the different ways to present the data to make effective decisions. • • There are two parts to this assessment. You will complete lessons located within the Attached documents, then you will write an essay discussing the information. I can only attach 3 documents with this instruction. The 4th and the Rubric will be added by message. • Part 1: • Marketing managers at TED, known for TED Talk events and conferences, feel that the data they have collected over the years could be analyzed to provide them with some insights about their products. They have come to you because of your expertise in data management, knowledge management, and business analytics to ask for your recommendations. • First, you need to complete the following data analytics lessons as instructed on attachment titled Lesson Instruction, and provide the Excel® spreadsheets, with the formulas, for answering the questions present by the attachment titled Lesson Instruction. Use the information from the spreadsheets in your essay and attach the spreadsheets as appendices to your essay. • You will find the needed spreadsheets attached Ted Talk 1, Ted Talk 2, Ted Talk 4. • • Part 2: • Next, you will need to write at least a 3-page (minimum 750 words) essay discussing your recommendations as to how you might assist the company based on the data from the spreadsheets you just completed. What is a data warehouse and the three types of analytics that you can provide? What tools could you use? What are the ways that this information might be presented to them to be the most effective?


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