Do you think capitalism is ethical, unethical, neither, or both?

Writing instructions
Write an argument essay that answers the following question: Do you think capitalism is ethical, unethical, neither, or both?Your essay must include: •an introductory paragraph that “hooks” the reader and sets up the discussion •a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph that clearly and effectively lays out your answer to the essay question •engagement with an opposing viewpoint ( that is, your answer must acknowledge and respond to an objection or different viewpoint)•body paragraphs that provide supporting details for your thesis: •evidence supporting your argument, drawn from the following sourcesoRequired: Daniel Halliday and John Thrasher’s “Is there an ethical case for capitalism?”oRequired: Stanley N. Bergman’s “Ethical Capitalism? It’s Worth a Try” oOptional: any other source/reading provided on Brightspace (e.g., Henryk A. Kowalczyk’s “Capitalism, Socialism and Communism,” Kim Kelly’s “What ‘Capitalism’ Is and How It Affects People”) •a conclusion that sums up the argument and closes the discussionNote . You may not use sources beyond the ones provided on attachment and use these sources to provide quotation that support your paragraph with explanation.


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