Management of Change and Innovation

MGMT1 – Management of Change and Innovation

Position Paper Guideline


In this course, student is expected to think analytically and critically on the current issue on change and innovation. Therefore, as future doctorate graduates, is prime important to demonstrate their cognitive ability to their peers and superior. This individual assignment consisted of THREE [3] position on various issues that closely related to this course.


The aim of the position paper to assess student ability to critically discuss the issues and supported with literature.

Course Learning Outcome

Your project needs to capture and illustrate the change process in an organization. This project related to the following the MGMT1 Course Learning Outcome (CLO) as follows:

  1. Manage change within organizations; distinguish between innovation and improvement in organizations. – CLO 3).
  2. Apply the processes and techniques which contribute to innovative thinking for themselves and for their employees – CLO 4).
  3. Solve problems associated with the development of innovative products and services and leading organizational change – CLO 5).


  1. Student expected to produce Position Paper 1 based on CLO 3“Manage change within organizations; distinguish between innovation and improvement in organizations” and the requirement as follows:

Storyline: The novel coronavirus forced the Chinese government to issue the largest quarantine order in human history, affecting an estimated 5,590,376 million people. Now, within just a few months, global cases of the virus (as of May 26, 2020) with 347,915 deaths. Most countries with community transmission have closed schools and cancelled mass gatherings and some borders have been closed. The World Health Organization [WHO] officially declared the outbreak a pandemic. The WHO is cautiously optimistic about containing the virus, but the impact on the economy may dent that optimism more profoundly than the worrying global health implications of the virus itself. Markets have plummeted due to fears of a coronavirus-driven recession, travel restrictions and quarantines are affecting hundreds of millions of people, disrupting just-in-time supply chains and triggering sales warnings across technology, automotive, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Discussion. Evaluate various effort and approaches implemented/conducted by the UAE government or your own organization in managing the new normal changes affected by COVID-19 in the areas of education, social, economy, business practices, science and technology [including AI], and healthcare sector.

  1. Position Paper 2, based on CLO 4“Apply the processes and techniques which contribute to innovative thinking for themselves and for their employees”. The requirement as follows.

Storyline: The major disruption of COVID-19 pandemic hits the global economy in a massively accelerated timeframe. Suddenly we are looking glass: the horizons are turned around, and a world envisioned only by futurists is playing out in real-time on data terminals, social network feeds, and television screens. Almost overnight, fashion houses scramble to convert production lines to make surgical masks, automotive companies to produce ventilators, and brewers and perfume house to make hand sanitizer. Now the world that used to be the first one: the one where people can leave their houses to go to cafes and movie theatres, go shopping and purchase non-essential goods, and travel domestically and internationally more or less freely will face new-normal activities.

Discussion: In position paper 1, various effort had been implemented by the UAE government or your organization to flatten the spread of COVID-19 virus, and it showed a positive impact. Based on teaching materials provided in this course, propose an innovative mechanism/techniques/strategy or new framework [your own innovative and creative idea] that can be invented during and post-COVID-19.

Notes: The various process and technique have been explained by Instructor in tutorial and also can be found in most of innovative thinking text book. What is expected is, thinking outside the box from student mind and idea of other process and technique. It may contribute from student intuition or from other empirical studies cited from journal.

  1. For the last paper, Position Paper 3 (CLO5), the discussion emphasis on – “Discuss various challenges and problems associated in developing an innovative product or services or process that ultimately leading to organizational change”. The requirement as follows:

Storyline: The danger we face with COVID-19 is that after outbreaks are no longer in the headlines, epidemic readiness is frequently displaced on budgets and high-level agendas in favor of more immediate and visible priorities. But new outbreaks are certain to occur, and without sustained attention and financing, they are likely to again provoke panic. A new public-private framework is needed to understand and communicate the effects of epidemics. Businesses are ideally situated to contribute to pandemic preparedness and response, potentially averting losses to their bottom lines and populations at large. Through their ability to affect their employees’ behavior, as well as through their sophisticated communications infrastructure and capacity to lobby and partner with governments, firms can be important participants in responding to the threat of outbreaks.

Discussion: Investigate various challenges and problem that the UAE government or your own respective organization for with Post-COVID-19 with new-normal situation.

Additional Information

  1. Students are encourage to refer to various journal to support your idea in writing up their assignment. Good position paper should be able to discuss each issues critically, depth and relate to any contemporary cases existed locally, regionally or globally. Citing references contributed to high level of understanding of each issues. The flow of writing is important to attract the reader and should be free of any grammatically error.
  2. Each position paper should be written report in Times Roman and the length of the assignment between 3 to 5 pages, font 12 and double space. References and in-text citation should follow APA style.
  3. This is a graded assignment and maximum scores for each position paper is 10%.
  4. The assessment will be based on the written rubric [Appendix B].
  5. Academic Integrity. In maintaining high level of integrity, all position paper will undergo a Turnitin process [software to detect plagiarism]. The accepted percentage of turnitin is 25%. Any report more than accepted percentage, a penalty will be awarded accordingly.
  • Are not backed by evidence

Use evidence from the academic and official resources to support your claims

  • Are not related to the group assignment

All of your responses should be related to the company you have selected to analyze.

  • Do not answer a question

No points will be given for responses that do not answer a question but      contain information about issues/terms related to the question. This type of a response is usually given in hope to receive partial credit


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