explain the importance of carrying out the reconnaissance survey.

Explain the importance of carrying out the reconnaissance survey. 


Geomatics Surveying is a science of collecting and analyzing geographical information,  including land surveying and mapping information. There are many dicipline or branches that  related with Geomatic Surveying. Based on your understanding, explain the below branches.

  1. a) Hydrographic Survey
  2. b) Photogrammetry
  3. c) Engineering Survey

(15 marks)


Levelling is a measurement process to identify the different height of two or more points on the  earth surface. Without the proper knowledge or equipment, some errors may occur and result  in inaccurate measurements, increasing the risk of user error and project cost. Describe five (5)  main errors sources that may occur during levelling process.

(10 marks)


Land surveying is basically an art and science of mapping and measuring land. The entire scope  of profession is wide; it actually boils down to calculate where the land boundaries are situated.  This is very important as without this service, there would not have been railroads, skyscrapers  could not have been erected and neither any individual could have put fences around their yards  for not intruding others land. Actually, there are many steps in land surveying procedures need  to be taken before, during and after the observation. Based on your understanding of those  procedures, explain the importance of carrying out the reconnaissance survey.

(10 marks)


Traverse is a method in the field of surveying to establish control networks. Traverse networks  involve placing survey stations along a line or path of travel, and then using the previously points  as a base for the next point. With the aid of suitable diagram, describe the meaning of traverse.  (5marks)


A total station is an optical instrument commonly used in construction, surveying and civil  engineering. It is useful for measuring horizontal angles, vertical angles and distance, therefore  it does this by analyzing the slope between itself and a specific point. With the aid of suitable  diagram, explain the steps for temporary adjustment of total station device.



  1. a) An area on a map was measure 9.0cm x 5.0cm rectangular by using a ruler. If the scale is 1:100, calculate the followings:
  2. i) True distance of area on ground in meter (m)
  3. ii) Total area on ground in squared meter (m2)


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