N1621 Project 4: Writing an Analyst Report on an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

This project counts 40% of your final grade. There are 2 graded elements for the submission:
An Excel workbook displaying the quantitative analysis and qualitative information from your research;
A report of about 1000 words (+/- 150 words not including legends to figures) which follows the structure outlined below.
Select an ongoing or upcoming ICO or IEO on which to write an analyst report. Also, use CoinGecko, CryptoSlate, ICObench, ICOdrops, ICOmarks, ICOstamp, ICOrating and/or any other ranking sites and internet resources to select one that is suitable for a comparative analysis as follows:
The ongoing or upcoming ICO or IEO should NOT have been completed when you write your report;
The completed ICO or IEO should have been completed by 1 December 2019, or before, and have been sufficiently successful that its market cap is at least $5 million, the coin or token is ranked, and it has been traded on at least one reputable exchange for at least 1 year;
Select the two ICO/IEOs to be as similar as possible, such as both being in the same category (e.g. education, gaming, DeFi), both being issued on the same platform and/or on the same exchange (for IEOs). If you choose to compare an ICO with an IEO then your report must discuss this difference as one of the success factors.
The rationale for comparing the two ICOs/IEOs is to infer the likely performance of the ongoing ICO/IEO from the observed performance of the completed one and the factors that have influenced this.
Obtain as much qualitative data as possible for both ICO/IEOs, for instance (note – not all these features will necessarily apply):White paper or Lite paper
Marketing materials
Analysts ratings
Social media hype (e.g. on Telegram, Reddit, Google or Twitter)
Any other news, data or information relevant for determining the ICO/IEO success
Record a URL list of web pages where the information was obtained 


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