1. WHAT IS AN ANALYSIS?  An analysis looks at parts of the whole to which they belong. An analysis shows how the elements contribute to the whole meaning of the work. An analysis is not a paraphrase or a summary;instead, it is an explanation of the way a text communicates. An explication unfolds the meaning of a work. It explains in detail how an essay, short story, poem, play, or novel communicates to the reader. A literary analysis often focuses on one or more elements of literature, including—but not limited to the following:
  2. central idea
  3. setting
  4. language
  5. tone
  6. structure
  7. conflict
  8. person (point-of-view)
  9. character
  10. plot
  • THE TEXT: You MUST write your paper on a short story (stories) we’ve discussed in class only. You cannot write about anything outside of the Norton text.
  • PLAGIARISM: All plagiarized papers will result in an “F” grade and removal of the student from the course. Plagiarized papers will also be submitted to the English Department and the Dean.
  • SAMPLE TITLE: “A Real Beautiful Oath”: Race, Trauma, and Flight in Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn